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coach lauren krasny on the mind body connection

The majority of us are aware of the importance of coaching in reaching challenging athletic and physical objectives, but coaching has a wide range of other benefits as well. I’m particularly interested in coaching at the nexus of physical performance and mental well-being as an active triathlete and business strategist dedicated to providing greater mental health to the globe via Modern Health. I met with Lauren Krasny, a seasoned Modern Health coach who specialises in executive coaching as well as health and wellness, which includes illness prevention, stress management, and encouraging healthy lifestyles, to discuss the concept.

(First, however, a fun fact. Since Lauren is the daughter of Michael Krasny, a longstanding presenter on the San Francisco public radio station KQED, you may be familiar with her last name if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tell us about your personal journey to coaching. 

I began working in business and had several positions in marketing and sales after completing my psychology degree at the University of Michigan. But I wasn’t happy, and regrettably it took a life-changing event for me to decide to change careers. I was acutely aware of the fleeting aspect of life when I learned that my closest friend had cancer in 2014. This made me reflect on what I really cherish. When I enrolled in the Co-Active Training Institute, several doors in the business and health coaching industry opened to me. I have always been fascinated by the pursuit and realisation of my mission, which is intriguing since it sometimes leads individuals to seek assistance from coaching.

What do you focus on in your business coaching? 

I like working with executives on innovation, cooperation, leadership, and conflict resolution, but I’m willing to engage with anybody who is open to improvement. I began coaching at Stanford’s LEAD online business programme in 2015, which provides CEOs and business leaders who choose not to obtain an MBA with an alternative educational route. I tutor students in design thinking, strategy, negotiation techniques, and persuasive skills.

And what about health coaching?

I like business coaching, but I’m also passionate about assisting others in improving their physical well-being, and I find it fascinating how the mind and body interact. When I help someone reach physical objectives like weight loss or keeping a regular exercise schedule, they are sometimes astonished to discover that they are still dissatisfied.

Many individuals use physical coping strategies like bad eating habits, sedentary behaviour, alcohol misuse, etc. to self-medicate and numb themselves from experiencing emotions because they have underlying emotional problems. Therefore, often treating physical issues does not necessarily have an influence on the underlying issue, which is typically a psychological one. That’s why I’m so grateful that I can continue to support my clients as they develop new habits and improve since physical health coaching often needs mental health insights to be successful.

What is one thing you’re known for among your clients? 

I always advise my clients to find chances to put what we discuss into practise in real-world settings, whether it be at work or at home, for both business and physical health. In order to assist folks hone their new abilities, I sometimes even organise role plays. It’s vital to me that the skills I impart are practical and applicable, and as a coach, I can support my students’ personal development by holding them responsible for their own advancement.

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